The Hingol National Park, en route the Coastal Highway from Karachi to Gwadar - Our Very Own Grand Canyon.

Primarily an Electrical Engineer, I turned to IT at the onset of my career in 1994. Having diverse experience of working with Kodak, Oracle and a couple of Software Houses during the fag end of the Millenium Bug Era, I witnessed the inflation of the DOTCOM bubble and saw it being burst. From 1999-2001 I was engaged with ISPs and IT Education, which led me to the National Commission for Human Development, set up by the Federal Govt. to promote Primary Education, Basic Healthcare and the Capacity Development of the Govt. officials, elected and non-elected.

I was instrumental in conducting a massive census of the children under the ages of 9 years to identify the “Out-of-School” children and their subsequent tracking in the schools for Drop-Out Prevention.

We conducted  the census in around a 100 districts of Pakistan and I was destined to visit around half of them for monitoring of the various programs.

I am currently serving at the hub of the Telecom Industry of Pakistan.