Wednesday, 23 September 2015

A Double Sunset

Apparently a Double Sunset is a rare astro-geographical phenomenon and on 23rd September 2015 at 5:55 pm, I took this beautiful picture of a Double Sunset from my bedroom window.

Photo taken by an LG G3 VS985 via the lgCamera App

It had been a lovely day, where the heavy rain from yesterday had really cooled the weather. With clouds puffing around all day, I had been pretty much glued to the sky, taking pictures quite frequently.

It was just a coincidence that I looked out the window, as the sun was about to set, and I saw what looked like Solar Flares to me, reaching us down here on earth:

Solar Flares
At this moment, the sun was obscured by the clouds, though you could see the sunbeams on the clouds above, and then within no time, the cloud split open and I was presented with this intense yellow patch. Loaded with my Cell phone I just zoomed in to grab these two pics:

Now I had heard about Double Sunsets being a stuff of legend, and had seen a couple of pictures on the internet, most of which seemed to have been Photoshopped. But lo and behold, there it was, right in front of me. I didn't panic and quickly zoomed to the maximum and took this pic:
A Real Double Sunset
It was slowly slipping into something else so I quickly took another one:

So that's how I got to capture this unique picture of a Double Sunset.

There is no trickery involved, no Photoshop and no smoke and mirrors. I was just lucky to have observed this phenomenon. I am not sure what caused it. But it seemed to last just a few seconds.