Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Pharwala Reckonings by Salman Rashid

I took him to Pharwala from a route he hadn't taken before, much to my amusement. The great SR is dis-oriented, I thought ! He had probably come to Pharwala earlier via an alternate route, which invloved a tedious trek of 3-5 kms on foot, since this road didn't exist 18 years ago. He was definitely pleased to see the Great Fort so up-close after such a long time.

SR scampering over the rock in the Soan River

Now there is not a place in Pakistan where Salman Rashid has not left his foot prints. Some of the places have been graced by him more than once. Having such a vast plethora of tales, he can start going into the itsy bitsy details, like mentioning the sixth finger of the Kotwal who blinded Kamran Mirza or how the weather must have been like when Babur first came to Pharwala.

It was indeed an honour to have accompanied him on this remarkable trip to Pharwala and albiet the fact that I was 'walking wounded', the pleasure was all mine !

SR shooting the Baygum Durwaaza - Naweed in the BG

Here is the account of the journey to Pharwala in the pen of the Master himself.

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