Thursday, 2 October 2014

On Yahya Khan's Affifavit by Anonymous

I hope in his affidavit, Yahya Khan had the decency to admit what he was doing when the country was burning.

Noor Jahan had told me about Yahya's lust for her and Farida Khanam. When Pakistani soldiers were laying their lives, Yahya would make each of them sit on his laps and then make them sing. This drinking and singing session would last till 3 or 4 in the morning and by 11 the presidential car would again pick them up for the next day's session. I am not quoting it from any other source, but as they say from horse's mouth. Noor Jahan talking to me in 1971. What Yahya Khan did to Pakistan, he should have been the first person to be hanged for treason.

I was a member of Pakistani film delegation that went to Colombo in 1971. The way Noor Jahan picked up jewellery and precious stones over there and the way Pakistan's High Commissioner was paying for those from the taxpayer's money, you and I would not buy even vegetables. This "innocent man" who in his affidavit tries to prove that he was a pawn in the hands of others, should have faced the worst possible punishment. In his position and at a highly critical time in Pak history, Yahya used to be drunk almost 24 hours of the day.

I was also quite friendly with Admiral Ahsan. When he and Sahibzada Yaqub were relieved of the two top positions of East Pakistan, I had called upon Admiral Ahsan at his house near Beach Luxury Hotel. He narrated his story, one on one to me, while tears were rolling down his cheek. He told me that he had advised Yahya not to launch military action, but negotiate with Mujib, as he did not want cessation. He said that his advice was part of the Govt record and posterity would uncover the truth one day. In reply to his advice Yahya promptly sacked him.

This "pawn", a usurper, was ruling the country, yet others were holding his pen and forcing him to sign dismissal orders of the two most sensible and distinguished army officers that I have ever come across. That illegitimate ruler could not tolerate the legitimate demands of 56% Pakistanis. Even nearing his death, he signed a bundle of lies as his affidavit.

My greatest regret of life is that a down right debaucher, drunkard and embezzler went Scot free after his brother in uniform, another usurper, stole the presidential chair.

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